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If you carry health insurance by the icons listed above lactation coverage may be available to you, with select plans at no cost through TLN. 

The Lactation Network is a billing program that  bills your insurance company, looks into what is covered for you and then will use a portion of what they charge to pay me. No copay! No deductible! No bills! Even if your insurance company denies the claim, The Lactation Network will cover the bill. 

This saves you the hassle of dealing with insurance companies!

Follow this link to complete the form which allows The Lactation Network to inquire about your coverage. You should hear back from them with a confirmation within 24 hours. 


In the meantime, head on over to the Request A Consultation tab to reserve a time slot with me. The Lactation Network does the billing but I do the booking!

*Please note, for all consultations covered by The Lactation Network there is a $50 travel fee not reimbursed by insurance*

If you do not see your insurance icon listed above,  you are formula feeding, aren't lactating or choose not to use TLN, payment is due in full at the time of the appointment and you can submit for possible reimbursement after you ahve received your itemized bill/ superbill. If you are unsure of your coverage, please check with your insurance company prior to booking. 

In regards to payment, I accept HSA/FSA, any major credit card, debit card, cash or venmo.


*Please note the fee rate for swiping any card is currently 2.67%*

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