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Available Services 

Prenatal Education

This consultation can be done during any time of your pregnancy. I will take a complete health history as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have about your breastfeeding journey. You will be given a care plan with recommendations and resources. This consultation may help if you have flat or inverted nipples, difficulty breastfeeding a prior child, history of low milk supply, health issues (ie PCOS, infertility or diabetes), if you’re pregnant with multiples or if you just want to learn more about breastfeeding before your little one comes along.This consultation can take place in your home or virtually. 

"Kaitlyn is great at communicating, flexible, and always on time for appointments" - Kristen

In Home Consultation

If you are having challenges or difficulties with breastfeeding or bottle feeding please do not hesitate to schedule this consultation. A full medical history will be taken as well as an examination of the baby to address the issues occurring. If pumping is part of the care plan we will go over pump settings, parts and flange sizes. We will build a care plan together so you know exactly what to work on after the consult.

Topics that may be touched upon include:

  • painful latch/ damaged nipples,

  • clicking or slurping at the breast or bottle,

  • tongue and/or lip ties,

  • gassy or fussy babies,

  • breast milk storage and prep

  • pump settings and flange fittings,

  • damaged or bleeding nipples

  • and infant struggles with milk flow (oversupply or under supply)

  • and more!

"Our experience with Kaitlyn was everything we hoped for and needed it to be. She is knowledgeable, reasonable, and authentic in all of her recommendations. She consistently validated all of our concerns, made us feel heard, provided solid education, and most importantly, VASTLY improved my breastfeeding journey" - Ally

Virtual Consultation

Yes, I can help you virtually!

Your health history will be discussed and a feeding assessed. We can discuss any breast or bottle feeding issues you may have such as:

  • painful latch

  • tongue or lip ties and support

  • damaged nipples and how to heal them

  • over supply or under supply

  • bottle refusal

  • breast milk storage

  • exclusive pumping

  • pump flange fitting

  • and more!

"She was always available for questions/help/encouragement between appointments" - Christina 

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