"Kaitlyn was great! Very informative and had an answer for all my breastfeeding and pumping questions. We chatted about my journey so far and my goals, then she observed my son while he nursed and drank from a bottle. She shared a few tips that have already helped me out when feeding my son! Very easy to talk to and work with, I highly recommend a visit with her if you have any lactation questions!"
- Rachel

"Kaitlyn has been an amazing resource for me and my family members as we navigated through our breastfeeding journeys. She always had the answers to my many questions and helped make adjustments or plans that worked for each baby. You will not regret consulting her." - Ariel

"Kaitlyn played a HUGE role in helping us find answers for our fussy and uncomfortable newborn. After helping us identify a possible tongue and lip tie (the culprit of my newborn’s shallow latch), she shared additional resources with us for our daughters body tension and frenectomy. Kaitlyn helped us prepare for the revision, and met with us multiple times post revision to get us on track for a successful breastfeeding journey. Our little one is SO much happier now, and if it weren’t for Kaitlyn we might still be looking for answers!" - Samantha

"Kaitlyn is a great lactation consultant! She is very knowledgable, kind, and helpful! I would recommend Kaitlyn to anyone that needs help with breastfeeding." - Brooke

Mother Baby Bonding
Mother Baby Bonding

"Kaitlyn is such a warm, kind, and caring lactation consultant! She offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice while at the same time helping to set manageable goals. I highly recommend her services!" - Jenna

"I was really happily surprised and impressed with Kaitlyn. I have worked with other ibclcs in the past and they either told me stuff I was able to just google and had already been trying, or they only addressed my issues with a broad scope instead of looking at me and my son as individuals. She was super helpful with recommendations for exercises to help my son and very encouraging. after my visit with her I felt like I had a clear path forward and I was encouraged that I was on the right track. I also think she offers a uniquely qualified perspective because of her background and experience. I would highly recommend!"
- Ashley